What is Area 3?

Handbell Musicians of America is a non-profit organization established in 1954 to promote the art of English Handbell Ringing.

The Guild strives for musical excellence through: national and area events; publications; the exchanges of ideas related to techniques of ringing, composing, and arranging music, conducting, and other timely information. National events are held to bring together ringers and directors from all over the world, while area events permit a more limited geographical participation. These events are a prime source of new ideas for both ringers and directors, thereby “uniting people through a musical art.”

The Guild is organized into twelve geographical areas. Area 3 is comprised of the states of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina and also includes the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area.

If you are new to handbells, or new to Area 3, please take the time and read about our Area 3 Events. You will find the information to be useful! Also, you will want to check out the services that Area 3 provides.

Past Chairs of Area 3

Area 3 would like to thank the Area 3 Past Chairs for their dedication of time and talent which has helped Area 3 better serve its members.

Slater C. Mounts 1960-1962
John Halvorsen 1962-1963
Raymond Hollinger 1963-1965
Mary Emma Allen 1965-1967
Gordon Betenbaugh 1967-1968
Mrs. Howard Albright 1968
Slater C. Mounts 1968-1970
Kathleen Reel 1970
Slater C. Mounts 1971-1973
Herbert D. Maynard 1973-1974
James D. Reich 1974-1976
Philip Carey 1976-1978
Kenneth Bissell 1978-1981
Donna Blomquist 1981-1983
Nancy Cappel 1983-1985
Richard Allen 1985-1987
Joanne Heath 1987-1989
Jerry D. Jones 1989-1991
Quincy Butler 1991-1993
Paul McKlveen 1993-1995
Mark K. Gourley 1995-1997
Deborah Rice 1997-1999
Ann Y. Schmidt 1999-2001
Frances S. Vaughan 2001-2003
David Tiller 2003-2005
Michael Helman 2005-2006
Charm Peterman 2006-2009
Linda Simms 2009-2012
Lynn Bogovich 2012-2013
Laura Shelton 2013-2015
Kyler Brengle 2015-2017















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