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We maintain an online calendar of upcoming events submitted to us by Area 3 members and web surfers like you. View the FULL calendar here. (will open a new window, please turn off pop-up blocking). To submit an event, click here, and provide all the information about the event you would like to see on the calendar. Once approved, your event will become visible to everyone on the events calendar. Thank you! This calendar can only be kept up to date if you help keep it up to date!

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Save the Date! Area 3 Confirmed Events
Through 2018

March 16-17, 2018 | Ocean City Festival & All Star Choir

  • Guest Conductor, Brian Childers
  • Genesis Conductor, Nancy Cappel
  • All-Star Choir Conductor, Michael Helman

April 6-7, 2018 | Hampton Festival

  • Guest Conductor, Jason Krug
  • Genesis Conductor, Jason Harwood

June 19, 2018 | National Anthem Mass Ring at Nationals’ Park

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Event Terminology

The information provided on this page originally appeared in the April 1995 issue of the Bell-O-Gram.

Bronze – refers to a division of massed ringing where difficult/complex repertoire is played by advanced-level choirs. Most of the time, Area 3 requires that choirs submit an audio recording and a copy of a program of the choir publicly performing ALL the repertoire to be used in the Bronze division to Area 3 before being accepted into the Bronze division.

Coppers – refers to a division of massed ringing for choirs that ring with a three-, four-, five- or more octave set of handbells. Since the metal alloy (bronze) in which the bell is made has a larger percentage of copper, the term “Coppers” is used to denote handbell choirs that play on larger octave sets of handbells.

Tins -refers to a division of massed ringing for choirs that ring with a two- or three-octave set of handbells. Since the metal alloy (bronze) in which the bell is made has a smaller percentage of tin, the term “Tins” is used to denote handbell choirs that play on smaller octave sets of handbells.

Spring Festivals – an event, geared primarily toward ringers, where choirs come and ring, simultaneously, repertoire under the direction of a guest conductor. The participants are expected to purchase and rehearse the repertoire prior to attending the conference. In addition, the choirs are usually expected to bring all the equipment required for ringing, including the handbells, foam pads, table coverings, mallets, toolkits, etc. Tables may or may not be provided at the site, so you may also be required to bring tables as well. At some conferences, classes may also be offered on various topics, such as four-in-hand/shelley techniques, basic techniques, advance techniques, bass bell techniques, etc.

Seminar – an event, geared primarily toward directors, where massed ringing and/or classes are offered. The massed ringing rehearsals, which are participants are expected to attend, are offered to provide more ringing experience for the directors; to provide insight and experience in solving the possible problems that face ringers; and to provide a vehicle for the guest clinician in demonstrating ways of presenting new methods and techniques.

Track – a course of study; a set of classes, offered in sequence, related to a particular topic. For example, a Beginning Directors’ track would consist of a set of classes all geared toward providing instruction to beginning directors. Each class would cover a particular subject that would be beneficial to a beginning director.

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